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Educational Tours

"Experiences you wish to live"

” Strength comes in numbers” ... is, without a doubt, our motto.

What is union?... It’s to strengthen ties, share the same objectives, enjoy together the achievements and support each other on every occasion in order to keep growing. That’s what we did on this extraordinary union.


Fase2, leading company in educational trips, and Reinvent Travel & Event, renowned by creating unique and unequalled experiences for groups, incentives and events, have combined efforts with the aim of working jointly so every group of students that has the intention of travelling and knowing our beautiful country, is able to experience unforgettable moments that will surely mark a milestone in their lives.

The wide trajectory on the market, the commitment on providing the best experience to those who choose us, the friendly atmosphere achieved on every encounter, together with the labor of the professionals who formed this team and the professionalism in our work, are the reasons why we stand out. We are proud of what we do, and it’s our goal to put a smile on the faces of those who trusted us to organize their dreams. Seize the opportunity to visit us, to know us and to make your trip a lifetime experience.


School Trips

History, culture, adventure, recreation, immersion, union, all sharing unique trips.

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Sport Trips

Training, competitions, sports complexes, talks with elite athletes, everything so that each student feels like a professional player.

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