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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is considered the quintessential cosmopolitan city of Argentina. In addition to being the capital city, it is considered the main urban center of the country. With a large and marked historical and cultural presence of European immigrants who arrived in the country in the late 19th century, Buenos Aires is a city that is as modern as it is rooted in a characteristic cultural, architectural, and gastronomic style.
Perhaps it is because its inhabitants always looked to Europe as a model. The resemblance in matters of buildings and cultural places is physically noticeable. It is the faithful reflection of those who came from afar to inhabit "the new world". It has Spanish, Italian, French, and English nuances, among many others. They are easily detected on its architecture, on its food, and on the way of speaking and being of its inhabitants, "los Porteños".

Facing the widest river in the world, with long and wide avenues, a large number of parks, museums, cultural centers, bookstores, and hundreds of notable cafes, Buenos Aires stands out above the rest of the Latin American cities. Both his music "el tango", Cultural Heritage of Humanity, as well as his passion for soccer, are felt in the air that is breathed.

A few kilometers from the center, the geography and way of living change, all it takes is to immerse oneself in the famous Pampas plain and soak up the culture of the Gaucho. Beautiful rooms, prepared for tourism, await you with open arms to share a mate, the national drink, or a glass of wine with empanadas…. While the fire is being prepared, taste a delicious Argentine barbecue.



Buenos Aires has an inexhaustible hotel offer, from luxurious 5-star hotels to 3-star hotels, located in different attractive areas of the city.



It is a city to enjoy, full of life and activities to do. You can live a tango, gastronomic, historical, or cultural experience.

In just a few minutes, you can leave the noise of the city to enjoy a boat ride on the Delta of Tigre, or enjoy a day in the countryside, having a barbecue and riding with the famous Argentine Gauchos in one of the typical ranches of the Pampas.



Beef, beef, and beef is the main attraction in gastronomy, but on the other hand, Buenos Aires is also the city of pizzas. You can’t live Bs As without trying the “bife de Chorizo”, Milanesas with French fries, Empanadas, a slice of pizza in Corrientes Avenue, dulce de leche, and Dulce de leche ice cream.

DID YOU KNOW?... Buenos Aires is one of the five cities in the world with more theaters. Colón Theatre is the most famous in the city and recognized as one of the best in the world for its perfect acoustics.


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